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Winchester, VA 22604


Passionate, responsible and committed software developer, with a driven mindset and a passion for code. With much experience in designing, implementing and adapting technically sophisticated online web applications.

Highlighted Experience


  • Designed full website automation for popular sites using Watir and Watir-webdriver in the Ruby language.

Scholar Square

  • Designed a script to pay all site members who’ve authored content; all appropriate fees for students memberships, and subscriptions, via the PayPal API using Python.


  • Designed and deployed a full eCommerce website built on top of the Satchmo/Django framework using Python.


  • Designed an application to record basketball tournament data and rank teams on many different criteria.  I designed my own flat file database system to keep records in CSV.  This was used to rank a multiday interstate basketball tournament.

Open Source Contributions

  • Active Gem Author and Publisher
  • Contributor to several Open Source projects including RubyGems
  • My own various Open Source projects published to Github
  • Open Source game released in 2002 called Py Connect Four written in Python using the PyGame SDL library
  • Active contributor


  • Equivalent of 4+ years of experience developing software with more than 10+ years part time involvement.

Technical Skills

  • Proficient in: Ruby, Python, APIs, Berkeley DB, Communication Skills, Computer Repair, CSS, Gem Authoring, GIMP, HTML, JSON, Linux System Administration, OOD, Satellite Communications, Web Dev/Design, Web Framework, Windows System Administration, XML
  • Web Automation with: Mechanize, Nokogiri, Selenium, and Watir
  • Moderate experience in: Agile, Ajax, Assembly, Bash, Batch, CGI, CMS, C++, Django, Feature Toggle, Git, JavaScript, Kanban, Metaprogramming, OpenSSL, REST, Ruby on Rails, RSS, Satchmo, SEO, SOLID, TDD, Unix Shell Scripting
  • Studying Techniques: GRASP, Permutation Algorithms, SOA


  • English (Native)
  • Spanish (Elementary proficiency)
  • Japanese (Elementary proficiency)


  • Clark Christian High School 2003

Contact Me: 6ftdan (at) gmail (dot) com