November 17, 2012 by Daniel P. Clark

Dramatization: ‘Lavish Caliginous Demitasse’

A man of no worth comes to you this day.
His mother was a Gypsy of an abused and tarnished name.
His father was a worm of society, murderous and thieving.
He grew up in a corrupted land.
A place were the light was never pure.
And the air was never fresh.
He rose up from ashes and tumultuous pain.
And in him was found no essence of feeling.
Yes we now bring you the man of the dark ash.
The king of your darkest dreams.
‘Lavish Caliginous Demitasse’

Performing Actor (Dark Robe, Dark Face, voice paced like L.O.T.R. start except a mans, spoken with passion as a Shakespearian actor):


When you first came forth the breath you took was not of you.
The heartbeat within you drove you from conception to this torn world you take no credit for.

Why do you think of yourself as you do? You are so well deceived.
You embellish what you understand to fit your dark heart’s will.

In this place you find the problems of the world are outside you.
In your mind you walk a life where your deepest problems all have to do with yourself.

You are shallow for having come this far self purposed and self willed.
When all revolves around you, you have not even begun to understand life or death.
You have blindly trudged into the tar pit, happily dancing with the lights out.

Those who are lost often know nothing of their eminent demise.
You seek to comfort yourself regardless of your situation.
If you being so easily comforted would continue to dance and sink.
You will not know your end is upon you… and then… hope

For if you have not searched it out by now.
Then you have indeed so selfishly brought the world to your deluded understanding.
Blind and deaf you dance the dark pipers will with the light of truth veiled before you by conspirators of the dark prince that reign over this world!

TRUTH!!! … It has always searched for you.
LIGHT! – It remains close. Should the scales from your eyes be pealed away.
And the dark veil in your heart, take yourself aside, and reveal the truth outside of you.
You self worshiper. You dust of the ground. Breathed life by the highest power.

And yet you serve DARKNESS! The ways of man’s heart is WICKED. No one know it’s depth.

For your heart still beats not of it’s own accord. But the life giver calls you. As a loving father to a lost son. Hear my voice child. I have a home free from the darkness. Draw near to me and see the light.

They call Him the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End, the First and the Last, the King of Kings, and the Lord of Lords. Who is the GREAT I AM!

It started in a pure perfection. The creator of life brought us forth from the dust in His own image and likeness. He breathed life into us. And we walked the garden with Him.

YET! A fallen power sought us out. We, being a free willed being, we listened. And when we sought our own selfish desire to take what was not ours and become like God in understanding. We indeed took in the darkness by our disobedience to our own creator. And this shame has bared with us. When we understood darkness all too well, and yet not enough. We flee the giver of light to hide our shame, and then we seek comfort and are blinded in this.

DEATH! Is the COST! We brought death upon us for there is no place for darkness in the presence of the true light. If we should live forever the darkness we’ve taken in would have a depth of evil unfathomable to all. Do not be blind to the evil of this world. There are even countries that seek out the worst destruction and usury to their own people. And this is man! Fallen in nature since we forsook God almighty.

And the God who took such care to make us. What has He done when we have so wronged Him and left ourselves so lost? He sought out a recompense, a payment for our debt, a ransom for our very own souls. Yes we were damned when we left the giver of life by our own making. And the price was and is eternal in consequence. But the price has already been paid!

Our loving God and Father in heaven. Loved us SO MUCH!! That he sent His son to earth. He came as a man born of a virgin. He being tempted as we were, and yet without falling in sin. He became the pure and holy sacrifice, the ransom as it were, for our souls. This man, you may have heard of Him? They call him JESUS. Though He was without sin; mankind took Him, beat Him, butchered Him. With a whip known as a cat of nine tails. Each tail containing metal and bone shards to rip out His flesh. He was spit on. Mocked! Forced to carry His own cross on which He would die! With His body beaten and flesh torn He collapsed on the way under the weight of the cross. They had a bystander help him carry it. Yet this was no leniency. For on that hill they drove nails, large nails, into His wrists to hold Him there. And they bent His knees and drove a nail through both feet into the cross. And they lifted this cross up from the ground and into the hole in the ground. And it is said that when the cross hit the base of the hole that it jolts every bone out of joint. And here He hung to die.

YES! … You can imagine our world this wicked can you not? It is darker than you know.
Now those who are crucified by the cross endure torture to the point of death. For the body grows weary on the cross and then the body will slump downwards still hanging by the nails. But when the body has slumped, air flow ceases to the lungs, and you start to suffocate. So then you will force yourself up, by what strength you have, for air. Pressing against the nails. And this process repeats until you have no strength and suffocate in massive depth of pain. It is the worst kind of death that man had conceived. He bore this pain and agony for hours.

Yet. Jesus, whom mankind crucified, called out to His Father in heaven “Father forgive them, for they know not what they do”. And when Jesus had cried with a loud voice, he said, “Father, into your hands I commend my spirit”: and having said this, he gave up the spirit.
Now it’s one thing for a man to die. For all men die. Yet Jesus, the Son of God. Was buried in a tomb. And three days later He conquered death and the grave. The tombstone had been rolled away. He was witnessed alive by over 500 people. The records are written.

What does this mean for us? Well the darkness we took into ourselves was paid for in His crucification. So in essence we have died with Him. But He has conquered death. So just as He lives, so shall we.

If you are thinking “Yes, but I am what I am, and how can this be for me?”. It is simple “That if you shall confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus, and shall believe in your heart that God has raised him from the dead, you shall be saved.” It is written. And it is so.

And now you know why it was necessary for our payment to redeem us from darkness into light. And in perspective before the God who gave you life, if you seek another way for eternal life, you are as darkness chasing after darkness. As a fool in folly you will reap your darkness, and the payment is great and eternal in both pain and darkness. Their is a place created for those who have risen up against God as enemies. It was a place not meant for mankind. You may have heard of it. They call it hell. A place of screams, cries, weeping, and gnashing of teeth. Where black fire burns and the worm never dies. And the evil spirits shall reap their punishment there. And where as we as beautiful creations of God lost in darkness: should we reject Him who is light and our life leave our body, then to darkness our souls will go. Separated by an uncrossable chasm from God and all good. In hell with all wicked and the like.

So the cost for eternal life is of great cost. No man who has sin within him can ever be worthy of it, and all men have inherited sin. It’s part of our nature from our original fall. So we who have no hope of paying this debt, have been redeemed by Jesus the Christ, whom being sinless, paid our debt for us that we might live with Him forever in eternity.

So God gave us a way. Just one way. And it is simple and yet it requires you in entirety. After you “confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus, and shall believe in your heart that God has raised him from the dead, you shall be saved.” Then you are as an adopted child into the family of God. You are in relationship with your creator. Not only that, but all people who are adopted into the family are as a bride for Christ. When you then think of your life in the true sense of being in a relationship with the One who gives light. You will walk in the light. You will breathe in the gift of God, your very life, and you will seek to honor Him. Him who loved you so much and gave so much for you. Who lives and loves you still.

This, my dark friends, is your hope. Your only hope. And apart from here is only darkness. Farewell, goodnight, and may the daylight find you. God Bless!


Written and authored by Daniel P. Clark
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

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God Bless!
– Daniel P. Clark

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  1. Lattenkiste
    November 17, 2012 - 1:20 pm

    This isn’t a script, it’s a speech. Well done though

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