November 1, 2013 by Daniel P. Clark

Leverage Your Mind

I find it interesting that people can compliment talents and abilities as if a person was born with them. It’s as if they, and their world view, don’t see it as a possibility for themselves. That ought not to be.

In essence we are all created equal. The abilities one has is a compilation of past practices leading up to your current result. That goes for both good and negative traits.

For example: To have memorization of facts you simply exercise that ability, and over time you get better at it. The mind itself is the most powerful tool you can leverage. You set it’s patterns. When you believe you can’t do something it becomes true to you. Because you are using the leverage of your mind to lead you down that path. Thus making your belief a self-fulfilling prophecy. Likewise if you believe and see yourself achieving something great; that too determines a path that you follow based on the belief, within your worldview, to then reach that achievement. And again, it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.

Your mind is the first thing that requires change for true persistent change to occur. If you keep doing what you’re doing, then you’ll keep getting what your getting. The minds limits, or the self made borders/barriers, can be expanded to a broader worldview. And when I say worldview I mean possibilities like physical, financial, habits, and many other areas.

One point I’d like to emphasize is this: every great accomplishment throughout history that was done of man, then lies within the ability of men elsewhere to achieve.

Now you can’t plant seeds in your garden and come out tomorrow hoping to find the garden completely grown. No. Everything takes time to build upon. You can leverage many things to take less time. But none the less time, consistency, and persistency are the ingredients to exact long term change.

I used to hate the saying “believe in yourself”. It sounded so superficial and Disney. But I think that you need to believe to the extent that God Himself entrusted you to. And only with the proper perspective of God Almighty. As long as your not believing in yourself as the absolute authority and power, then belief then translates into confidence. And with having Gods design in us in perspective it gives us hope towards greater betterment. I know that I am capable of achieving xyz because God has put it within mans ability to achieve it.

The discipline then comes from setting your heart on the goal. Determining to learn, do, and fail your way to success. And then keep your eyes on the goal. Course correct as necessary. In your mind envision yourself coming to your achievement with victory, and then daily pursue that.

Lastly I enjoy life. I do the things I love, and I do them regularly in small, yet effective, portions. And when others see it. It’s not a status level, or a thing to be prideful of. It is simply love of life that leads, and inspires, others to truly live, love, and likewise inspire. This is my pattern for bettering myself. And I thank God for all He’s taught me and all I’ve learned.

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God bless all!
– Daniel P. Clark


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