May 9, 2014 by Daniel P. Clark

My Experience Purchasing with Bitcoin

So I’ve made 4 purchases with Bitcoin.  I must say I am very well pleased with how well everything went.

My first and most recent purchase were with Tigerdirect.  The first item I ordered was the “Wacom Intuos Pro Special Edition Touch Tablet and Pen”.



I simply clicked add to cart then proceeded to checkout.  On my checkout options they allowed an alternative payment of Bitcoin.  I selected that and continued.  It said the purchase was finished and gave me exactly 15 minutes to send the appropriate amount of bitcoins to the address they provided.  That was verified instantly.  Within 24 hour my package arrived.  YES 24 HOURS!!!  Fastest delivery ever!  So I must say my first purchase with bitcoin was a very good one.

Next I made a purchase on .  A Milwaukee V18 Battery.  It was still at about full price, but it being a bitcoin purchase, and a need for myself, I went ahead and bought it.



The purchase process was pretty much the same thing.  And delivery came in about 4 days.

Next I made a purchase from an overseas company .  I purchased an “iPod Nano 7th Gen”.  Again this was a little more expensive than full price, but for the convenience of buying it with what I had available I purchased it with Bitcoin.


The payment process was the same deal.  Now this company is based in Australia and ships its products from a partner company in China.   And after 3 to 4 days I started to get concerned since their website still said “processing”.  I e-mailed them asking when they were going to ship it.  They responded shortly saying that everything was already handled and the product had been sent from their partner shortly after the purchase.  So don’t be frightened when their site doesn’t let you know if the product has shipped or not.  That feature isn’t really built in yet.  After 6 days my product arrived and it’s perfect as can be!  Yay!

My last purchase was with Tigerdirect.  This time I just bought a small 7 port powered USB hub.  Which is a GREAT deal by the way!


Same purchase process.  Only this time it took 6 days for the product to be delivered.

All products ordered were new.  And all purchases used the most affordable shipping option.  Overall I must say I’m very pleased at how convenient purchasing with Bitcoin is.  I highly recommend it for everyone.  Bitcoin is an excellent savings option, and a great international currency.  Buy some land in Chile with it!  It’s for sale!

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God Bless! – Daniel P. Clark

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