May 12, 2014 by Daniel P. Clark

Limits and the Size of the Challenge

How big do you want to be?  How big is the problem you have to overcome?  What’s holding you back?

The average person can’t see beyond their current self and the state that they’re in.  They believe life has given them what they’ve got, and that’s just how the cards fell.  So all in all they strive to make the best of what they’ve been given often not expecting much more.

Well unfortunately people are deceived.  What limit’s us most is ourselves and our worldview.  Our worldview is simply how we see and perceive things.  When you accomplish something you generally add to your mind a limit.  You put into your mind I know I can do this because I’ve already achieved it.  But what about beyond this limit?  You’re not quite sure.  It can in fact be a daunting thought that will provoke fears and doubts within you and lead you to believe “I can’t do that, that’s beyond me”.

Alright people, let’s get past the lies.  Let’s look at some perspective.  When the average fast food worker drops out of work, they are accustomed to the wages they had and the life it entailed.  Often their problems will be atleast as big as the capacity in which their income lifestyle had allowed.  Unless of course they borrowed and lived off of debt.  But let’s get back to the big picture here.  So after a fast food worker leaves their job, they are likely to find an equivalent job, or maybe one that seems slightly more beneficial.  And in all likeliness any additional income they make will be spent on new liabilities.

So this person may seem to increase their income, but never gets anywhere because he/she have raised their expenses equally.  So the first thing this person needs to learn is some financial wisdom.  Give them some foresight in thinking out where their money patterns will lead them and what the destination will be if they continue this way.

Destination:  If you don’t have a destination in mind, any road will get you there.  Where?  Exactly!  Live without a plan, and accomplish what you didn’t plan.  Not very wise if you ask me.

What about problems?  We all have different levels of things we have to deal with in our lives.  Whether it’s debt, economy, family, habits, you name it.  How can we use perspective to help us here?

Alright let’s flip the situation.  We’re not going to look at a former fast food employee.  Let’s take a look at some one successful such as Donald Trump.  When Donald Trump went bankrupt and was billions of dollars in debt, how did he go about resolving this problem?  Did he think “I’m going to go mow some lawns to help me ‘get by’ until an ‘opportunity’ comes along”? NO! NO HE DIDN’T!  When a problem of this scale arrives, you need a solution that matches it.  So Donald Trump was able to resolve all those billions of dollars of debt, which in all likeliness is far greater than our situation, by utilizing a big enough solution.  He didn’t wait around for the miracle lightning bolt to hit and fix his problems.  He made it happen.

But how should that relate to us?  We’re not Donald Trump.  I’m just me.  Exactly!  It’s all in how you see yourself.  It’s your perception.  You believe the limits of your own making by your own limited shortsightedness.  But in all truth you are just as capable of a solution as big and as grand as Donald Trump, or any other successful Entrepreneur.

See the amazing mountain goat:

Open your eyes.  It is clearly how you handle your situations by the perspective of your understanding that leads you where you are.  If you want change, YOU HAVE TO CHANGE.  Stop lying to yourself about what you can’t do.  Start making a daily habit of exceeding your own self limitations.  Study financial wisdom.  Learn from those who have already walked the path and achieved proven success.

Yes you will fail, yes you will fall, yes you will hurt.  But are you going to stay a failure, fallen, and hurting?  Or are you going to get up, brush yourself off, learn from it all, and press on beyond the limits!?  Just Do It!  Live the life you wish you had, by being the person you need to be.  Do today what others won’t so you can have a tomorrow what most only dream of.

When it comes down to a challenge, it takes preparation, determination, and execution.  You count the cost before hand.  You evaluate and know what you’re getting into.  You determine your goal and set your passion on arriving there.  Then you execute your plan to get there.

Don’t do it alone.  Nobody achieves greatness without the wisdom and guidance of those who are proven.  True success comes with leveraging everything in the ways that are most charitable.  Never step on others to get to the top: All they then have to do is walk away and your tower of people collapse under you.  Succeed by helping others.  Seek out what they need and uplift them to the best of your ability.  Don’t carry them, help them achieve on their own in what ways you may contribute.  Success by building other’s up is true.  The better your understanding of, and action upon, this leverage; then the quicker it will lead to your success becoming your reality.

So don’t determine for yourself mediocrity.  Put behind your old habits that keep you stagnant.  And proceed to always improve your quality of life and the lives of those around you.  Your mind is your ultimate tool.  You can leverage it for yourself by improving your knowledge, wisdom, understanding, and worldview.  Or it will be leveraged against your by self limitations, fears, doubts, and self blindness.

Learn to evaluate yourself properly.  To do that you need to remove your bias.  That is a huge and difficult task as your perception itself is jaded.  You will most likely have to ask others for honest input about yourself.  Then you need to evaluate who you want to be.  Then figure out and plan on the changes necessary to achieve your ideal self.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help and to have someone hold you accountable.

I encourage you not to blame anything or anyone.  The situation you’re in may very well be ‘the now’.  But it’s not for you to pass blame.  You don’t choose who your birth parents are, you don’t choose the country and economy you’re born into.  No.  You choose how you will perceive things (your worldview), and how YOU will bring about the CHANGE in your life.  If the solution to fix your situation/problem won’t lead you to where you need, or want, to be; then find a bigger solution.  Make it happen.  Actively pursue it.  Life is either what you make of it, or what happens to you while you’re making other plans.  So be ACTIVELY involved in how your life goes forward.

Go beyond your outer limits.  Be all you can be.  Live a life worth it all.

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God Bless! – Daniel P. Clark


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